Private label

Our product, your brand.

Tailor-made solutions:

We are manufacturers of Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Food Supplements and on request we can supply our private label products. We have already developed the technical files on the products, including all the necessary clinical studies, offering our customers a full range of services. Opting for this type of collaboration has several advantages and is ideal for those looking for a finished product, ready for sale. To date, our customer portfolio includes many important players in the pharmaceutical sector and large-scale retail trade, to whom we supply our private label products.

Services for our partners

We can take care of the product’s entire manufacturing process, guaranteeing all the services associated with the production for third parties:

Innovative formulations, ready for distribution with your brand

Physicochemical analyses

Regulatory support and registration of the Medical Device or Food Supplement

Customization of primary and secondary packaging

Design of graphics and texts

Full-service product supply

We develop a variety of pharmaceutical forms:

Our products are developed to solve the main problems affecting the ear, nose and throat.